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Marquette High School Additions


Marquette High School Library & Classroom Addition

The existing library at Marquette High School will be renovated, reconfigured & expanded to create a entirely new library experience.  The entrance allows better access and visibility into the library which will now direct everyone entering through a contemporary student art gallery & display space.  Ample natural lighting will help reduce the carbon footprint of the new library and better connect the library with the outdoors.  The large glass exterior opening will become one of the main focal points of the new space. Another main focus of the library is an enclosed glass bridge that extends through the library’s open two story space. It will allow the corridor to pass through the library above the casual seating area.  A clerestory opening within the bridge will allow natural light to filter through the bridge and into the library space below.

The new library will accommodate:

  • Multiple classroom spaces equipped with Smartboards
  • Open & closed computer labs
  • Distance learning classroom
  • Formal conference room
  • Group meeting rooms
  • Casual reading & laptop table areas
  • Additional volumes of books
  • Work room
  • Staff offices & toilet
  • IT network office,
  • IT tech support office
  • Ample storage space for IT equipment & other tech support

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